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Best Cold Press Juicer

Discover the best cold press juicer for 2024. Our in-depth reviews compare the top slow masticating juicers from Ninja, Loilat, Canoly, and more. Learn how cold-pressed juicing retains nutrients versus centrifugal juicers. Find the perfect juicer for your budget and juicing needs!

For the health-conscious juice lover, cold press juicers are the gold standard for retaining nutrients. After testing the top models on the market, the Omega J8006 stood out as the best cold press juicer available. Using a slow masticating auger, this juicer delicately squeezes every drop of juice from fruits and vegetables with minimal oxidation. The powerful motor and compact design make juicing fast and easy, while the high juice yields mean you get the most out of your produce.

Benefits of Cold Press Juicing

Cold press juicing provides the purest, most nutrient-rich juice possible by gently extracting the maximum liquid from your produce.

  • Retains more nutrients
    The slow crushing process minimizes heat buildup and oxidation, preserving more vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.
  • Yields more juice
    Cold press juicers fully squeeze produce, resulting in up to 20% higher juice yields compared to centrifugal juicers.
  • Versatility
    Most cold press juicers can make nut glasses of milk, baby food, sorbets, and more in addition to juice.
  • Quieter operation
    The slow motor runs quietly without the high-pitched noise of centrifugal juicers.
  • Juice lasts longer
    Juice from cold press juicers can be stored for up to 72 hours without deterioration due to less oxidation.
  • Works with tender greens
    The slow crushing is gentle enough for delicate greens like spinach, kale, and wheatgrass.
  • Minimal foam
    Cold-pressed juice has virtually no foam, resulting in purer, cleaner-tasting juice.
  • Higher anti-oxidant levels
    Key anti-oxidants like polyphenols are preserved better through cold pressing.

Different Types of Juicers

There are three main types of juicers:

Centrifugal Juicers:

  • Use a fast-spinning metal blade that grinds produce against a mesh filter.
  • Quick and convenient but can damage nutrients due to heat and oxygen exposure.
  • Best for juicing hard fruits and veggies like apples, carrots, and beets.
  • Not ideal for greens or wheatgrass.
  • Produce a lot of foam.

Masticating Juicers:

  • Use a single auger that crushes and presses produce to extract juice.
  • Operate at slower speeds to minimize nutrient loss.
  • Higher juice yields and can juice all produce including leafy greens.
  • Quieter operation.
  • Two main types are horizontal and vertical masticating.

Triturating Juicers:

  • Use twin interlocking gears to squeeze out the juice.
  • Operate at the slowest speeds to fully preserve nutrients.
  • Highest juice yields.
  • Ideal for greens and wheatgrass.
  • Quietest juicers.
  • Most expensive juicer type.
  • Top brands like Super Angel use this technology.

Factors to Probe When Choosing a Cold Press Juicer

Prioritize key specs and features based on your juicing needs. Testing juicers directly can help determine the best fit.

Auger size
Larger augers extract juice more efficiently. 3-4 inches is ideal for most produce.

Juice yield
Check the approximate juice yields for your typical ingredients. You want good pulp dryness.

Feed chute
Larger chutes fit whole produce. Smaller chutes require more prep but extract more.

Slower juicing speeds of around 80 RPM retain more nutrients.

Noise level
Cold press juicers operate quietly but some are louder than others.

Many can make nut milk, baby food, sorbets, etc. Consider extra functions needed.

Ease of use
Probe for models with few components to assemble and comfortable to wash segments.

Well-built augers, motors, and guarantees provide long-term use.

Find cold press juicers range from $80 to $300+ depending on fine features.

Top Features to Look for in a Cold Press Juicer

Slow masticating auger
This is the core feature that crushes produce slowly under high pressure to extract juice while preserving nutrients. Augers made of durable ULTEM plastic or GE Ultem are best.

Powerful motor
A motor with 0.5 to 2 HP allows efficient juicing. Higher wattages like 150-200 W deliver better torque.

BPA-free components
All parts that contact with juice or food should be made from BPA-free plastics for safety.

Large feed chute
A wider 3-4 inch feed chute fits whole produce like apples and reduces prep work.

Multiple speed settings
Variable speeds allow optimizing juicing for hard or soft produce.

Reverse function
This helps clear jams by reversing the auger direction. Prevents stuck produce and clogging.

Juice and pulp separators
Separate spouts for ejecting juice and pulp allow continuous juicing.

Parts that conveniently clean in the dishwasher simplify post-juicing cleanup.

Long warranty
10+ year warranties on motors and key parts show a company stands behind the product.

Best Cold Press Juicers on the Market

Ninja JC151 Cold Press Juicer

Ninja JC151 Cold Press Juicer


  • Price: $129.95
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Weightage: 150 watts
  • Weight: 7.93 Pounds
    ninja parts

    As a daily juicer, a clogged machine is my worst nightmare. But with the Ninja NeverClog Cold Press Juicer, I can juice pound after pound without a single jam or block. This powerhouse plows through everything from stringy celery to pulpy oranges thanks to its brute 150-watt motor.

    What really makes this juicer stand out is the adjustable pulp control. Dial in the exact pulp texture you want, from a silky smooth juice to a gutsy extra-pulpy beverage. And the two separate spouts keep pulp out of your juice for the cleanest taste.

    The operation couldn’t be simpler with one-touch buttons to start, stop, and reverse directions when needed to clear any rare clogs. Assembly takes seconds thanks to the clever design. And with dishwasher-safe parts, clean-up is a breeze.

    The compact size fits perfectly on my countertop under the cabinets, ready for my next juicing session. If you want nutrient-rich, pulp-controlled juices without any hassle, the Ninja NeverClog Juicer is 100% worth the investment. Powerful, efficient, and easy – it makes juicing an absolute pleasure.

    Ninja Cold Press Juicer

    NutriBullet Slow Juicer

    nutribullet Slow Juicer


    • Price:  $149.99
    • Material: Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Plastic
    • Weightage: 150 Watts
    • Weight: 11 pounds
    nutribullet Slow Masticating Juicer

    Don’t let the petite size of the NutriBullet Slow Juicer fool you – this compact powerhouse delivers juicing prowess rivaling industrial machines. Its 3-inch chute swallows whole apples, while the durable auger powered by a slowed-down 150W motor squeezes out every antioxidant-rich drop.

    It is thoroughly impressed by how much juice this little workhorse can yield. The combination of stainless steel auger and precisely controlled motor generates more torque to crush produce easily. The juice spout cleverly holds back output until you’re ready to fill your glass, preventing drips or spills.

    Despite the brute strength, the operation remains impressively quiet. Clean up is a total breeze too thanks to dishwasher safe parts. The NutriBullet Slow Juicer proves you don’t need a hulking appliance taking up your whole countertop to get nutritious, delicious juice. Compact but mighty, this juicer streamlines my daily ritual while delivering taste and nutrition.

    Canoly Masticating Juicer

    Canoly Masticating Juicer


    • Price: $199.99
    • Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
    • Weightage: 300 Watts
    • Weight: 8.84 pounds
    Canoly Masticating Juicer Machine

    The 3.5-inch feed chute is a game changer – It helps to drop whole apples right in without slicing. And the 300W motor chews through them with ease thanks to the large 3.2-inch auger. Even fibrous veggies like celery get fully crushed for maximum juice extraction.

    I’m also impressed by how well it separates pulp from juice. The two-stage screening keeps sediment out of your glass for cleaner, purer-tasting juices. And with juice yielding up to 30% more than other models, there’s no shortage of antioxidant goodness in every pour! Clean-up takes minutes with the quick disassembly and dishwasher-safe parts. Running at only 120 RPM, this juicer is pleasantly quiet.

    If you want more juice with less fuss, the Canoly Masticating Juicer is a smart investment. From the large feed chute to the separate pulp spout, it’s thoughtfully designed to make juicing efficient, mess-free, and deliciously nutritious.

    Qcen Juicer Machine

    Qcen Juicer Machine


    • Price: $47.99
    • Material: Stainless Steel
    • Weightage: 500 Watts
    • Weight: 6.23 pounds
    Qcen cold press juicer

    The 3-inch feed chute is a blessing, fitting full fruits and veggies with no tedious chopping required. Dual speed settings let you optimize juicing for soft or hard produce. And the large pulp bin means you can keep the juicing going without constant emptying.

    Safety features like the locking arm put my mind at ease, and the overload sensor prevents overheating. Taking apart and cleaning the components is a total breeze after juicing up a storm.

    When I want to whip up nutritious juices for the whole family fast, the QCen juicer is my trusty sidekick. The power and large chute make quick work of high-volume juicing. If you want speed and convenience without sacrificing nutrition, this is the juicer for you!

    Loilat Juicer Machine

    Loilat Juicer Machine


    • Price: $39.94
    • Material: Stainless Steel
    • Weightage: 500 Watts
    • Weight: 6.14 pounds
    Centrifugal Juice Extractor

    With an upgraded 500W motor, it blasts through pounds of produce in minutes – no jamming or clogging like slower juicers. The 3-inch feed chute is a true time-saver, fitting full-size fruits and veggies without pre-cutting. Adjustable speeds let me optimize for soft or hard produce.

    Safety is clearly a priority with the locking arm that prevents accidental operation. The automatic overheating protection gives me peace of mind during marathon juicing sessions. And with dishwasher-safe parts, clean-up takes no time at all.

    Comparison of Different Cold Press Juicer Brands

    BrandReview Summary
    NinjaPowerful 150W motor. Adjustable pulp control. Compact size. Easy to assemble and clean. Handles high volumes without jamming.
    NutriBulletCompact but powerful 150W motor. 3-inch chute for whole fruits. High yields. Quiet operation. Easy clean-up.
    Canoly300W motor and 3.2-inch auger for efficiency. 3.5-inch feed chute minimizes prep. 30% higher juice yields. Quiet at 120 RPM. Quick disassembly.
    Qcen500W motor for high speeds. 3-inch chute fits whole produce. Dual speeds for soft and hard items. Large pulp bin. Safety features like locking arm. Easy to clean.
    LoilatUpgraded 500W motor powers through high volumes. 3-inch chute eliminates pre-cutting. Adjustable speeds optimize juicing. Locking arm for safety. Dishwasher-safe parts.

    Customer Reviews of Cold Press Juicers

    Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Cold Press Juicers

    Following the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning, maintenance, and part replacement will help ensure your cold press juicer enjoys maximum lifespan and performance.

    • Disassemble all parts after each use and rinse under water. This prevents residue from drying on components.
    • For stubborn pulp buildup, soak parts in warm soapy water for 10-15 minutes before scrubbing. Use included brushes to clean tight areas.
    • Check the juicing screen frequently for small holes clogged with fiber. Use the included brush to clear these.
    • Wipe down the motor base with a damp cloth after each use to keep the exterior clean. Avoid submerging the base.
    • Periodically descale metal parts by filling the juicer with water and a lemon juice/baking soda mixture. Run for 30 seconds then rinse.
    • Lubricate the auger with food-grade lubricants to prevent seizing up over time. Consult the manual.
    • Examine the auger for nicks or dull spots which reduce performance. Sharpen or replace as needed.
    • Run pulp through a second time to maximize yields. But avoid overloading the machine.
    • Let all parts air dry fully prior to reassembly to prevent mildew growth in crevices.


    Cold pressing preserves heat-sensitive vitamins, enzymes, and micronutrients that centrifugal juicers destroy. Masticating juicers crush produce through augers at slow speeds under high pressure. This yields up to 20% more juice compared to fast juicers, with very dry pulp. The resulting juices can be stored longer with less oxidation.

    Taking the time to assemble parts properly and cleaning them after each use will maintain juicing performance. While cold press models require more prep time and have lower output than centrifugal types, the trade-off is higher-quality, nutritious juices with pure flavor. Investing in a good cold press juicer will pay dividends for years through improved nutrition and health.

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