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YARDMAX Lawn Mower

Discover YARDMAX’s wide selection of powerful, durable YARDMAX lawn mower built for homeowner yards of all sizes. Our gas and electric mowers feature rugged steel decks, long-lasting batteries, and convenient, user-friendly designs perfect for achieving a pristine lawn. Buy directly from the manufacturer and save with free shipping. Read reviews from satisfied customers and compare our mowers to top brands like Toro, Honda, and Troy-Bilt. YARDMAX mowers are an affordable homeowner investment for lawns that stand out with a beautiful, consistent cut. Visit our site and find the perfect mower for your needs today!

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Superior Cutting Performance of YARDMAX Lawn Mowers

Best Engines Ever Made

YARDMAX mowers are equipped with powerful gas engines, like Briggs & Stratton, providing plenty of torque and power to spin the blades quickly for a clean cut.

Sharp Blades

The blades are durable steel and designed to stay sharp longer. Sharper blades produce a more uniform cut. The blades can be easily removed for sharpening or replacement when needed.

Deep Cutting Decks

Their mowers have deep mowing decks that allow cutting grass heights up to 4 inches. The deep decks and blade heights help cut grass cleanly in one pass.

Deep Cutting Decks

Acts as Mulch Calculator

mulch calculation

Many YARDMAX mowers have mulching plugs that allow recirculating clippings back into the lawn for fertilization. This prevents clumping and uneven cutting when mowing wet or thick grass.

Durable Construction

The mowers have heavy-gauge steel decks that don’t flex or bend while mowing. This allows for an even cut across the full deck width.

Comfort Features

Adjustable handle heights, easy starting engines, and intuitive control panels make YARDMAX mowers comfortable and easy for homeowners to operate.

Durable and Reliable Construction

Steel Mower Decks
YARDMAX uses strong, rust-resistant steel to construct the mowing decks. Steel flexes less than aluminium or plastic, providing a more consistent cut.

Reinforced Cutting Blades
The mower blades are made of hardened steel and reinforced for extra durability. This prevents over time bending and cracking. The blades retain their sharpness longer as well.

Ball Bearings
High-quality ball bearings are used throughout the mower drivetrain, reducing friction and wear.

Powder Coating
The steel decks are coated in an extra-thick layer of powder coating to prevent rusting and corrosion even under rough use. This maintains the appearance over time.

Strong Handles
The mower handles are made from tubular steel and designed to withstand vibration and shock from hitting obstacles.

Overload Protection
Many models have slip clutches protecting the mower transmission if the blades jam or are overloaded.

Limited Warranties
YARDMAX offers up to 4 years of warranties, covering major parts like engines and transmissions. This reveals faith in their durability.

User-Friendly Features of YARDMAX Lawn Mowers

  • Adjustable Cutting Heights
    A single lever can easily adjust the cutting height from the top of the mower deck. No tools are required. This allows adjusting for different grass lengths.
  • Ergonomic Handles
    The mower handlebars are designed for comfort and control. Padded grips reduce vibration and allow you to maneuver the mower with ease.
  • Zone Start Switch
    Each zone has a dedicated start button (blade, drive, all), allowing you to engage the blades separately from the drive. Safer operation.
  • Large Wheels
    Bigger rear wheels with wide treads roll smoothly over bumpy terrain—less jostling results in a more comfortable mow.
  • Washout Ports
    The mowing decks have washout ports to rinse grass clippings from underneath the deck conveniently. Keep the underside clean.
  • Mulching Plugs
    Interchangeable mulching plugs allow you to either mulch or side discharge clippings. Quick conversion for multiple mowing needs.
  • Easy Oil Changes
    The engines are designed for quick oil changes with easy access to the filter and drain. Allows routine maintenance in minutes.
  • Intuitive Controls
    The control consoles feature clear labeling and straightforward start/stop switches. It is easy for anyone to understand and start mowing.
  • Compact Storage
    Handles can be folded vertically to minimize storage space. Conserves garage space in the off-season.

Positive Customer Reviews of YARDMAX Lawn Mowers

  • Powerful Performance
    Many reviews mention the mowers have excellent cutting power to trim through tall, thick grass without bogging down. The engines provide plenty of torque.
  • Quality Construction
    Customers highlight the sturdy steel decks that don’t flex or bend, even after years of use. The mowers hold up well season after season.
  • Smooth Cutting
    The sharp blades and deep decks provide a consistent, even cut each pass. The mowers cleanly cut grass on uneven terrain.
  • Easy to Use
    yardmax speed controllerReviews praise the intuitive controls, adjustable cutting heights, and easy start engines. The mowers are simple for anyone to operate right out of the box.
  • Great Value
    Customers say the mowers provide quality and durability on par with premium brands but at a more affordable price point. Good bang for the buck.
  • Mulching Performance
    The interchangeable mulching plugs work exceptionally well. Mowing leaves behind a nicely manicured lawn.
  • Durable Engines
    The engines start easily and run smoothly year after year, even under heavy use. Reliable power.
  • Quiet Operation
    Many mention the mowers are noticeably quieter than comparably sized gas mowers—less noise pollution.
  • Good Customer Service
    YARDMAX gets praised for knowledgeable and friendly customer support if any issues arise. Provides peace of mind.

Here’s how YARDMAX lawn mowers compare to some other popular brands:


  • YARDMAX has comparable power and performance at a lower price point. Toro is seen as more of a premium brand.
  • Toro offers more engine options, including electric start and their reputable Recycler models.
  • Toro has more deck size options, while YARDMAX focuses more on the standard 20-22-inch sizes.
  • Both are made with sturdy steel decks and proven engine brands. YARDMAX offers more mulching flexibility.

YARDMAX Vs. Troy-Bilt:

  • YARDMAX competes well with Troy-Bilt on price while offering similar durability.
  • Troy-Bilt has more brand recognition and various deck configurations.
  • YARDMAX tends to have deeper cutting decks and more discharge options.
  • Engines and features are comparable, but reviews give YARDMAX an edge on reliability.

YARDMAX Vs. Craftsman:

  • YARDMAX is generally less expensive for similar specs and performance.
  • Craftsman offers wider availability through retail partners like Lowes.
  • YARDMAX offers heavier gauge steel decks, while many Craftsman mowers use alloy or plastic.
  • Both brands provide good value, with YARDMAX rated better for durability over the long term.

YARDMAX Vs. Honda:

  • Hondas are premium mowers with a higher price point, targeted at the high-end market.
  • YARDMAX competes on power and cut quality but at a much lower cost.
  • Honda is viewed as the pinnacle for reliability, durability, and longevity.

Where to Buy YARDMAX Lawn Mowers

The main ways to purchase YARDMAX lawn mowers:

Direct from YARDMAX
The main way to purchase is directly from the YARDMAX website. This offers the full range of mower models and the ability to customize accessories and options. YARDMAX offers free shipping on orders over $100.

A wide selection of YARDMAX mowers is available with Prime shipping on Amazon.com. Models with both electric and pull-start engines can be found. Amazon provides easy delivery and a return policy.

Home Depot
Select YARDMAX mower models, carried online and in Home Depot stores. You can see mowers on display and get assistance from Home Depot staff.

Lowe’s sells some popular YARDMAX mowers on their website and in stores. Availability varies by location. Lowe’s offers free delivery on purchases over $500.

Tractor Supply Co.
Tractor Supply sells several YARDMAX models optimized online and in-store for rural use. Models with rear discharge are commonly available.

Direct from Other Retailers
Stores like Walmart, Target, and Northern Tool sometimes carry limited selections of YARDMAX mowers depending on season and location.

YARDMAX Lawn Mowers

YARDMAX 3-in-1 170cc Lawn Mower

YARDMAX 170cc Lawn Mower


  • Gasoline-Powered
  • Made of alloy steel and plastic
  • Push Lawn Mower
  • Automatic operation
  • 60 Pounds weight

Using the single-lever height adjustment, you can choose from 7 cutting positions ranging from 1.25 to 3.75 inches to suit your needs.

In terms of performance, the YARDMAX delivers with its MAXFlow deck design that improves airflow and mulching. The mower handles thick grass with ease thanks to the torquey gasoline engine. Weighing in at 60 pounds, the mower is lightweight enough for easy manueverability around the yard. If you’re looking for an affordable, heavy-duty push mower that can provide a clean, consistent cut, the YARDMAX YM21SP is an excellent choice.

YARDMAX 2-in-1 170cc Lawn Mower

YARDMAX 2-in-1 170cc Lawn Mower


  • Gasoline-Powered
  • Made of alloy steel and plastic
  • Push Lawn Mower
  • Manual operation
  • 57.8 Pounds weight

With the single-lever height adjustment, you can choose from 7 different cutting positions ranging from 1.25 to 3.75 inches to suit your needs.

Maneuverability and control are enhanced by the double-ball-bearing wheels that roll easily across most terrains. The handle provides comfy adjustable 3-positions of different heights. Weighing in at just 57.8 pounds with 7 and 11-inch front and rear wheels, respectively, the mower is lightweight and balanced. With only minimal assembly required initially, the YARDMAX YM21SP is ideal if you want a sturdy, reliable push mower to power through thick grass and provide a clean, even cut for your lawn.

YARDMAX 201cc Lawn Mower

YARDMAX 201cc Lawn Mower


  • Gasoline-Powered
  • Made of alloy steel and plastic
  • Self-Propelled Lawn Mower
  • Automatic operation
  • 84.9 Pounds weight

The YARDMAX YT2265B self-propelled mower lets you mow your lawn easily and efficiently. This mower features an exclusive continuously variable transmission (CVT) system that enables smooth speed adjustment to match your walking pace. Just use the 6-speed shift lever to dial in the perfect mowing speed. The rugged spiked tread tires provide excellent traction on all turf surfaces for controlled agility around landscaping and obstacles.

Starting up the mower is simple with the automatic choke that eliminates priming or choking the engine beforehand. The 22-inch wide cutting deck is adjustable between 7 heights with a single lever for quick changes based on grass conditions. Weighing in at 84.9 pounds, the YARDMAX YT2265B combines durable construction with thoughtful user-focused features.

Pros and Cons of YARDMAX Lawn Mower


  • The powerful engine provides excellent cutting performance even in thick grass
  • Sturdy and durable construction that holds up well over time
  • Excellent traction from the rear-wheel drive and wide tires
  • Variable speed control allows matching pace to walking speed
  • Can handle both mulching and side discharge grass clipping options
  • Smooth maneuverability and turning radius


  • Grass clippings can sometimes get stuck under the deck
  • Have to engage the self to propel each time manually
  • It doesn’t work well for bagging clippings
  • May struggle on very thick or wet grass


YARDMAX mowers have durable engines that provide abundant power to cut through thick, tall grass easily. The sharp, reinforced blades and deep metal decks deliver an even, consistent cut on each pass over uneven terrain. Every component, from the steel decks to the transmissions, is heavy-duty and built to last for years of regular mowing. Thoughtful features like adjustable cutting heights, ergonomic handles, and clear controls make YARDMAX mowers intuitive and easy to operate.

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