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Best Oster Clippers

Discover the best Oster clippers for pet grooming, home use, barbers, livestock shearing, and more. This definitive guide reviews top-rated detachable blades, adjustable blades, corded, cordless, and specialized Oster models plus clipping tips.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the top-rated Oster clippers across various categories and budgets. Whether you need basic pet trimmers or commercial-grade horse shears, we’ll help you find your perfect match. Learn how time-tested universal motors and innovative Cryogen-X blade technology enable Oster clippers to deliver unparalleled cutting power, speed, and durability.

Different Types of Oster Clippers

Oster offers versatile clippers for home grooming, barber work, livestock, and everything in between. Models differ based on blade type, motor type, durability, and whether they are corded or cordless.

  • Detachable Blade Clippers
    These have detachable blades that can be swapped out, allowing you to change blade sizes and types. Popular Oster detachable blade models include the Classic 76 and Excel.
  • Pivot Motor Clippers
    They have a unique “pivot” motor that permits the blade to move side-to-side for smooth cutting. The Oster Fast Feed is a common pivot motor clipper.
  • Rotary Motor Clippers
    These have a rotary motor that drives the blade. They are known for being quiet, lightweight, and cool-running. Examples include the Oster Turbo A5 and Oster Model 10.
  • Heavy Duty/Cattle Clippers
    Designed for clipping thick, coarse hair on livestock. The Oster Sheep Shear is their heavy-duty livestock clipper.
  • Cordless Clippers
    Clippers operate on a rechargeable battery, so you aren’t limited by a cord. Cordless models include the Oster Volt and Oster Pro 3000i.
  • Detachable vs. Adjustable Blade
    Detachable blades can be changed, while adjustable blade clippers have an integrated blade that adjusts between different lengths.
  • Blade Sizes
    From fine #000 blades up to coarse #4 blades. Lower numbers are for tighter cuts. Higher numbers leave more hair.

Factors to Probe When Choosing Oster Clippers

Consider your specific needs and weigh the pros and cons of different Oster models. Choosing the right clippers for your application will make grooming much easier.

  • Intended use
    Are you grooming at home, professionally, or for livestock? Different Oster models are designed for different uses.
  • Power
    Look at strokes per minute (SPM). Higher SPM equates to more cutting power. Pivot motors tend to be more powerful than rotary motors.
  • Cordless or corded
    Cordless offers more flexibility but corded has unlimited runtime. Corded is best for all-day grooming.
  • Noise level
    Important for easily startled animals. Rotary motors run quieter than pivot motors.
  • Blade type
    Detachable blades offer more versatility. Adjustable blades are more convenient. Specialty blades are available too.
  • Accessories
    Look for guide combs, cleaning supplies, blade oil/grease, storage case, etc.
  • Ergonomics
    Comfort features like textured grips and lightweight design prevent fatigue.
  • Price
    Oster clippers range from $50 for basic models to $200+ for salon-grade.
  • Warranty
    Many Osters have a 1-year limited warranty. Ensure your use is covered.
  • Reviews
    Check reviews and community forums to learn from other real users.

Oster Clipper Blades and Their Uses

The lower the blade size number, the shorter the hair left behind. For finishing cuts, sizes #0-#3 are common. For bulk removal, sizes #4 and up are used. Choosing the right blade size for your clipping needs is important.

  • Size #000
    Leaves 1/125 inch of hair. Used for very close shaves or surgical cuts.
  • Size #1
    Leaves 1/100 inch of hair. Great for close shaves on the face/feet or precision trimming.
  • Size #1.5
    Leaves 1/64 inch of hair. Used for close shaves on body areas.
  • Size #2
    Leaves 1/50 inch of hair. Good all-purpose blade for shorter trims.
  • Size #3
    Leaves 1/32 inch of hair. Used for general coat trimming and thinning.
  • Size #4
    Leaves 1/16 inch of hair. Good for longer trims, especially on livestock.
  • Size #5
    Leaves 1/8 inch of hair. Used mainly for show horses and cattle.
  • Size #7
    Leaves 3/16 inches of hair. Used for bulk removal on horses/cattle.
  • Size #8
    Leaves 1/4 inch of hair. Mainly used for bulk removal of livestock.
  • Size #10
    Leaves 3/8 inch of hair. All-purpose blade for general pet trimming.

Best Oster Clippers

Oster Andis 24675

  • Oster Andis 24675
  • Oster Andis Clippers


  • Price: $149.00
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Speed: Dual
  • Weight: 1.7 Pounds

One of the best aspects of the Oster Sheep Shear is how quiet it operates. The rotary motor produces little noise, which prevents startling sensitive animals during the grooming process. I’ve used other loud clippers that made my horses anxious, but these clippers allow for a calm and stress-free clipping experience.

The clippers come equipped with a detachable drive cap and sturdy, animal-friendly housing that stands up to regular use. Changing blades is a breeze thanks to the detachable design. Simply turn the clippers off, swap blades, and turn them back on to resume clipping. The 14-foot power cord allows you to easily maneuver around the animal during grooming.


  • Easy to use and affordable clippers
  • Practical, Fast, and Sharp
  • Noiseless


  • It gets hot

OSTER Fast Feed Motor Clipper

  • OSTER Fast Feed Motor Clipper
  • OSTER Fast Feed Motor Clippers


  • Price: $79.50
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Speed: Dual
  • Weight: 1.7 Pounds

Even after all-day use, the ergonomic design keeps hand fatigue at bay. The textured housing also provides an easy, non-slip grip during grooming. With four included guide combs for everything from close blending to longer trims, the Oster Fast Feed is highly versatile for all clipping needs.

But it’s the powerfully quiet motor that really makes these clippers a top choice for me. The precise steel blade and whisper-quiet operation allow for detailed grooming without startling skittish pets. For home groomers or professionals alike, this precise and quiet performance is a real advantage.

With handy accessories like a blade guard, cleaning brush, and lubricating oil, the Oster Fast Feed arrives clipper-ready. Thanks to the 8-foot cord, maneuvering around animals during grooming is simple. For flawless trims with minimal noise or hassle, the Oster Fast Feed gets the job done beautifully.


  • Easy to use and maintain
  • High-quality corded clipper at a decent price
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Screw got loose

Oster Classic 76 Hair Clippers

  • Oster Classic 76 Hair Clippers
  • Oster Classic 76 Hair Clippers comb 0
  • Oster Classic 76 Hair Clippers comb


  • Price: $142.57
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Speed: Dual
  • Weight: 2 pounds

The Classic 76 comes equipped with size #000 and #1 blades, providing the ideal cutting lengths for fades, designs, and close trims. The ultra-durable housing feels sturdy in hand, while the ergonomic shape prevents fatigue over long cutting sessions.

And with a 9-foot cord, these clippers offer ample maneuverability around a barber chair. The textured grip also ensures excellent control and handling during precise trimming.


  • Easy to swap clippers
  • Durable, Sustainable, and Sturdy
  • Heavy duty clippers


  • Heavy for a non-professional to use
  • Noisy but not much

Oster A5 Hair Clippers

  • Oster A5 Hair Clippers


  • Price: $139.99
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Speed: Single
  • Weight: 1.7 pounds

The Oster A5 detachable blade clipper is designed to deliver maximum clipping speed and power for animal grooming. With a robust universal motor that operates at either 3,000 or 4,000 strokes per minute, it can swiftly plow through dogs, cats, horses, and livestock coats.

This heavy-duty clipper is compatible with Oster’s Cryogen-X blades, ensuring it can take on even the thickest, coarsest hair. The wide sweep blade together with the motor’s high SPM enables quicker, more efficient grooming compared to other clippers.

Changing blades is a cinch with the detachable system – simply pop off one blade and snap on another. The A5 comes with the Cryogen-X #10 blade, which is a great all-purpose choice. Oster also includes handy accessories like blade oil, grease, a cleaning brush, and replacement carbon brushes.


  • Relatively quiet and stay pretty cool
  • Quiet motor and overall easy-to-use
  • Comes with spare lubricating oil and motor grease


  • It gets a bit hot if used for long

Oster Pro 3000i Cordless Clippers

  • Oster Pro 3000i Cordless Clippers
  • Oster Pro 3000i Cordless Clippers components


  • Price: $334.99
  • Power Source: Cordless
  • Speed: Dual
  • Weight: 2 Pounds

With a robust motor operating at 3,000 strokes per minute, these cordless clippers can take on any fur type. I’ve used them for quick touch-ups on my dogs in between full grooms as well as full shearing of my alpacas.

The Pro 3000i works with all the same blades as the A5, including specialized wide blades that make swift work of thick coats. The included Size 10 Cryogen-X blade is a great multi-purpose option.

One of my favorite features is the flexibility to groom anywhere thanks to the cordless freedom. I can trim my horses’ bridle paths in the pasture or tidy up my dogs outside without having to drag a cord around. The charging stand makes it easy to juice up the battery between uses.

For power and versatility combined with portability, the Oster Pro Cordless 3000i is an excellent choice. The lithium-ion battery enables untethered grooming while the high-speed motor can tackle any clipping job. I’d highly recommend these cordless clippers for home groomers and professionals alike.


  • The charge lasts about 2 hours and takes about 45 minutes to recharge
  • Fast and of a good weight
  • It’s very manageable


  • Its noise is a little loud

How to Maintain and Care for Oster Clippers

With proper cleaning, lubrication, and maintenance, Oster clippers can deliver years of reliable use. Always refer to the user manual for model-specific care instructions.

  • Clean after each use
    Remove struck hair, wipe down blades, and housing with a cloth or a brush, and use disinfectant spray on blades to prevent buildup and corrosion.
  • Lubricate blades
    Apply blade oil or lubricating spray on blades before and after each use. This prevents friction and overheating.
  • Change blades regularly
    Replace dull blades as needed to maintain sharp cutting. Follow Oster’s blade-changing instructions.
  • Remove loose hair
    Blow air into the motor vents and crevices to remove packed-in hair that can block airflow.
  • Check drive cap
    Ensure the detachable drive cap is securely in place. Replace if worn.
  • Store properly
    Keep clippers in a protective case or stand when not in use to prevent damage.
  • Replace brushes
    The carbon motor brushes wear over time. Replace them once they’re 3/8 inch or less.
  • Don’t overtighten blades
    Overtightening can damage blades and affect cutting performance.
  • Clean with blade wash
    Use coolant blade wash regularly to dissolve oily residue and disinfect.

Professional Pet Grooming Tips

Following these techniques will lead to smooth, professional grooming results when using Oster clippers. Practice makes perfect!

  • Choose the right blade
    Select a blade that will leave the desired coat length. Ceramic-edged blades stay sharp longer.
  • Let the Clippers do the work
    Avoid pushing too hard. Let the clippers glide through the coat for smooth results.
  • Hold at a 30° angle
    Keep wrists straight and hold the clippers at a 30-degree angle perpendicular to the coat.
  • Stretch skin taut
    Use one hand to gently pull the skin taut in the area being clipped to get an even cut.
  • Start at the sides
    Clip the dog’s sides first before moving to the back, stomach, and chest areas.
  • Clip against the grain
    Go against the direction of hair growth for a closer cut. Go with the grain to blend lengths.
  • Keep blades cool
    Apply cooling spray during long sessions to prevent friction and heat buildup.
  • Clean often
    Wipe away excess hair and spray blades between dogs to prevent the spreading of pathogens.
  • Check guide combs
    Make sure guide combs are snapped in securely so coat lengths are cut accurately.
  • Switch speeds as needed
    Use lower speeds for blended cuts and higher speeds for bulk removal.

Oster Clipper Customer Feedback

Oster Clipper Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between a pivot motor and a rotary motor?

A: Pivot motors use back and forth motion of blades for efficient cutting. Rotary motors spin the blade in circles. Pivot motors are more powerful but more audible.

Q: How often should I oil the blades?

A: Oil the blades before and after each use. This prevents friction, overheating, and corrosion.

Q: What size blade should I use for my dog?

A: Size #10 (3/8 inch cut length) is a good all-purpose blade for pet clipping. Use sizes #15-#30 for longer trims and #40-#50 for shorter cuts.

Q: How do I know when to change the blades?

A: Replace blades when they become dull, excessively heated, or visibly damaged. A rough cut indicates dullness.

Q: Can I use human shampoo on my dog before clipping?

A: Yes, but be sure to thoroughly rinse out any conditioner that can leave an oily residue that interferes with clipping.

Q: How can I get a smooth blended look when clipping?

A: Use the included guide combs, go with the grain, overlap passes, and finish against the grain.

Q: What maintenance does the motor need?

A: Clean the air vents of hair, check/replace the brushes per manufacturer instructions, and avoid overheating.

Q: How long should the battery last on a cordless Oster?

A: Most lithium-ion Oster batteries will run continuously for 60-120 minutes on a full charge.

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