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A high-quality tattoo gun kit is essential for those looking to get into tattooing. These kits provide the tools and supplies needed to safely and effectively apply permanent designs on the skin. A complete kit contains a tattoo machine, power supply, foot pedal, needles, tubes, grips, and often ink – everything a beginning tattoo artist requires. When starting, opt for a kit with a versatile coil or rotary tattoo machine to create solid and shaded designs. Other vital factors are an adjustable power supply for controlling speed and depth, sterile needles, and waterproof pigments. An aspiring artist can start inking straight out of the box with the fitting tattoo gun kit. Choose wisely; the kit can support skills from the first amateur tattoos to a professional portfolio.

Choosing the Right Tattoo Gun Kit

Allows you to create quality tattoos – A good machine with an adjustable power supply lets you make clean, sharp lines and vibrant, shaded designs. This offers the ability to ink professional-looking tattoos.

Enables you to practice and improve skills – With the right tools, you can gain experience and build expertise practicing on practice skin.

Provides essential safety – Sterile needles prevent infection risk. Non-toxic inks are safer for skin application. Proper equipment maximizes safety and clients.

Supports versatility – A rotary or coil machine that can handle lining and shading allows you to expand the styles and types of tattoos you can create.

Future-proofs your investment – A high-quality kit can support you as you grow from beginner to professional tattoo artist. The right gear will last for years.

Saves money in the long run – Cheaper kits need replacement sooner. A robust professional kit avoids frequently upgrading gear as skills improve.

Establishes a professional image – Using industry-standard equipment conveys legitimacy and helps earn clients’ trust.

Components of a Tattoo Gun Kit

Tattoo Machine

The tattoo machine, a tattoo gun or pen, is a handheld tool that deposits ink into the skin through rapid needle movement. Common types are coil machines and rotary machines. This is the core component for applying tattoos.

Power Supply

The power supply provides a controlled electrical current to the tattoo machine to regulate speed and force for proper ink deposition. Voltage is adjustable based on needs.

Foot Pedal

The foot pedal allows the hands-free operation of the machine. It connects to the power supply and controls the electrical current with foot motions.


Needles come in various groupings and sizes for lining and shading. Sterile, disposable needles are essential for each new client. Some kits provide needles, and others require separate purchases.


Small tubes hold the needle in place. These are inserted into the tip of the tattoo machine. Again, disposable tubes are needed for each client.


Grips slide onto the machine to allow comfortable handling, much like pencil grips. They provide a steady, controlled grip when inking.


Pigment ink is implanted into the skin. Some kits include basic black inks to get started. Inks must be non-toxic and sterile.

Additional Supplies

Other proper supplies include gloves, razors, soap, ointment, paper towels, plastic bags, and disinfectant.


Wormhole Cartridge Rotary Tatto Gun Kits

Cartridge Tattoo Machine


  • Size: 107 Piece Set
  • Working Voltage:6-8V
  • Stroke Length:3.5mm

This complete Wormhole tattoo pen kit has everything a beginner needs to start tattooing right out of the box. The rotary tattoo pen offers low noise and stability, and the design gives comfortable use during long sessions. It’s compatible with all standard tattoo needles and tips.

The CNC aluminum alloy pen is finely crafted for durability and performance. It runs excellently even during extended use, thanks to the thoughtful design. With adjustable speed from 10 to 100 RPM, this mighty pen can handle lining and shading work. The RCA cord connects to the power supply, which provides a starting voltage of 5V and an adjustable working voltage of 6-8V.

The pen-style grip feels like holding an actual pen, allowing precise control when tattooing. The metal body fits comfortably in your hand without slipping. This is a beautiful gift to be presented for desiring tattoo artists. It comes carefully packaged with 40 needles, a power supply, a pedal, and bandages – everything to get started.


  • Best beginners option
  • Surprisingly lightweight
  • Straight forward to use
  • Good ink pressure


  • The wire doesn’t fit to the socket perfectly



Rotary Tattoo Machine


  • Size: 24 Piece Set
  • Working Voltage:6-8V
  • Stroke Length:3.5mm

The Dragonhawk Atom tattoo pen kit has everything a beginner needs to start tattooing. The Atom pen’s 3.5mm stroke length makes it easy to get the hang of both lining and shading. Professional artists test all tattoos before selling them. This kit comes with sterilized, individually packaged cartridge needles that pro artists use.

The Atom pen itself is lightweight yet sturdy for continuous, low-noise operation. The unibody design delivers solidity and control during tattooing. It attaches via a DC clip cord to the power supply. This kit includes 20 assorted #12 cartridge needles perfect for general tattooing. The needles have a finely polished, long taper for smooth punctures. The one-piece over-molded design gives maximum stability when inked into the skin.

In addition to the Atom pen machine, power supply, foot pedal, and needles, you also get a carry case to protect everything. Dragonhawk puts all their tattoo kits through a 3-step quality inspection before sending them out. If any issues occur, their customer service will quickly help fix them.


  • Easy to clean and very lightweight
  • Super easy controls
  • Easy to learn on it
  • Very affordable


  • The power bank doesn’t work sometimes



Wireless Tattoo Machine


  • Size: 40 Piece Set
  • Working Voltage:5-12V
  • Stroke Length:3.5mm

The Poseidon tattoo pen kit is an excellent choice for beginners, which comes with a complete package with everything needed to start practicing right away. The kit includes the Poseidon rotary tattoo pen, 40 sterilized tattoo needles, a power supply, a foot pedal, gloves, practice skin, inks, and more. The disposable needle cartridges are pre-sterilized in sealed blister packs for safety and convenience.

Made from durable aluminum alloy, it has low vibration and is compatible with all needle types. The wireless power supply is rechargeable with a 1200mAh battery that lasts 3-6 hours per charge, depending on voltage. Voltage is adjustable in 5 levels from 6 to 11 volts. Transfer paper and practice skin provide a safe way to try it before natural skin. Poseidon offers an excellent customer satisfaction guarantee. If you are unsatisfied, you can get a full refund or replacement.


  • Long life
  • Easy to hold
  • Powerful pen and battery
  • The pen operates smoothly, and the ink flows evenly


  • The wire to the gun won’t stay connected to the power source

Solong Complete


Digital Power Supply Tattoo Pen Kit


  • Size: 10 Piece Set
  • Working Voltage:5-12V
  • Stroke Length:3.5mm

The Solong rotary tattoo machine kit is precision-crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy for a lightweight yet durable design. This pen-style machine operates quietly with excellent stability for comfortable long-term use. The ergonomic grip fits naturally in your hand and prevents slipping. It uses a DC connection for smooth, consistent needling. The kit includes premium tattoo inks in 8 colors and 10 tattoo needle cartridges to start practicing different techniques. Popular needle groupings like 3RL and 15RM are included.

The power supply allows quick, accurate voltage adjustments from 6-12V to optimize performance. This gives you control over the machine for different needs.

Solong provides an online guide with tips on setting up and using your new tattoo kit. Their customer support is also available if you need any personal guidance getting the hang of your machine. The kit meets CE safety certification standards. To protect the machine and power supply, keep voltage under 12V while working.


  • Easy to use, not too expensive
  • The machine feels of good quality
  • Powerful and handy
  • Good and working cartridges


  • Battery connection issue


Look for an adaptable power supply, foot pedal insight, and an ergonomic design. Kits that include sterilized needles, starter inks, tattoo grips, and practice skin give you everything you need to begin honing your skills safely.

Aim for a versatile, well-constructed tattoo gun kit from a reputable supplier to support and empower your growth as an artist. Learn reasonable techniques and safety habits from the beginning, and be patient to take expertise and a personal style. The satisfaction of creating meaningful, lasting tattoos for your own and for first clients will make the effort fruitful. With passion and dedication, a thoughtful tattoo gun kit purchase sets you up for success in this meaningful art form.

Factors Consider Choosing a Tattoo Gun Kit

Machine Type

Coil and rotary are the most common. Rotary allows both lining and shading, while the coil is often better for the lining. Consider the styles you want to create.

Power Supply

Ensure it is adjustable, allowing control over speed and depth for proper ink deposition. Higher voltage power supplies can provide a more fantastic range.

Needle Groupings

Variable groupings like 5 to 15-round liners allow both detail lining and basic shading for versatility.

Machine Ergonomics

Pick a machine that feels comfortable in your hand and won’t cause fatigue.

Pedal Sensitivity

The foot pedal should have good sensitivity and control over machine speed.

Noise Level

Quieter machines create less distraction and are better for prolonged use.

Starter Inks

Some kits include basic black inks to start. But you may need to buy specific color inks separately.


Set a budget, but know that too cheap can mean poor quality. Expect to spend $100 to $200 for a decent beginner kit.


A warranty provides peace of mind and support in case of defects.

Safety and Hygiene When Selecting a Tattoo Gun Kit


Ensure needles are pre-sterilized and single-use only. Avoid kits with low-quality or reusable needles that increase infection risk.


Inks should be non-toxic and free of harsh chemicals. They should be sterile and designed specifically for tattooing.

Power Supply

An adjustable power supply allows better needle depth control to prevent skin damage.


The foot pedal must have a light touch sensitivity to avoid accidentally going too deep.


Latex or nitrile gloves protect both artist and client from transmission of blood diseases.


New, sterile razors are required to shave skin and control cuts so bacteria cannot spread.


Anti-microbial liquid soap should be used to wash hands, tools, and skin properly.


A&D ointment or similar should be provided for applying to fresh tattoos.


All non-disposable tools and work surfaces must be sterilized via autoclave or disinfectant.


Needles, inks, etc., should have many numbers for tracing potential infections or reactions.


Take a bloodborne pathogens safety course to learn proper hygiene protocols.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in a basic tattoo gun kit?

A basic kit generally includes a tattoo machine (coil or rotary), power supply, foot pedal, needles, grip, and possibly starter ink. Extra supplies like gloves, soap, and ointment must be purchased separately.

What kind of tattoo machine is best for a beginner?

Rotary and coil machines are both excellent options for beginners. Rotary allows both lining and shading. Coil excels at lining but can also shade. Consider the types of tattoos you want to create.

How much does a beginner tattoo kit cost?

Expect to spend $100 to $200 for a quality beginner tattoo kit. Very cheap kits often sacrifice performance and durability. Invest in tools that will support your growth long term.

What factors should I consider when choosing a kit?

Key factors include machine type, power supply adjustability, needle groupings, ergonomic design, foot pedal sensitivity, noise level, starter inks, price, warranty, and brand reputation.

What safety precautions should I take?

Always use new sterile needles, non-toxic inks, gloves, disinfectants, and proper sterilization procedures. Take a bloodborne pathogens course on safety.

How can I learn to use my new tattoo machine?

Read the included instructions, watch tattooing technique videos, practice on fake skin, and consider taking an in-person apprenticeship course. Go slow and get the hang of it before attempting real tattoos.

What supplies do I need beyond the basic kit?

Other recommended supplies include ink caps, transfer paper, tattoo grips, plastic bags, paper towels, petroleum jelly, disinfectant spray, latex gloves, and medical waste sharps bin.

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