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Ensure vs. Boost Protein Shakes

Two leading options are Ensure vs. Boost protein shakes when looking for a nutritionally balanced meal replacement shake. Both provide complete nutrition, including protein, carbs, fat, and vitamins/minerals. However, there are some key differences between Ensure and Boost in terms of ingredients, nutritional profiles, flavors, and intended use cases. Ensure uses corn maltodextrin, while Boost relies on whey protein. Ensure tends to be lower in calories and higher in vitamins. Boost offers more protein per serving and can benefit active individuals. This review will compare the pros and cons of Ensure vs. Boost shakes across criteria like taste, cost, convenience, and nutritional content. Whether you want to gain or maintain weight with a supplement, need extra protein, or keep your nutrition complete when eating solid foods is difficult, read on to learn which of these popular nutritional drinks best suits your needs and taste preferences.

Factors to Consider for Ensure Vs. Boost Protein

Analyzing your specific nutritional needs, diet, and health goals helps determine whether the ingredients and composition of Ensure or Boost better align with your situation. Taste trial packs to pick your preferred flavor.

Intended use
Ensure is often used for weight gain or maintenance, while Boost is geared toward increasing protein intake.

Calories and nutrients
Ensure tends to be lower in calories, while Boost has extra protein. Check nutrition labels to verify amounts.

Health conditions
Those with dairy/lactose sensitivity may do better with plant-based Ensure. Boost has more protein for wound healing.

Added sugars
Ensure has less added sugar than Boost but uses artificial sweeteners.

Taste preferences
Boost often has richer flavor profiles compared to Ensure’s milder tastes.

Ensure is often a little cheaper per serving compared to Boost. Check pricing.

Both offer a wide range of ready-to-drink shakes and powder options. Assess which fits your routine.

Doctor recommendations
Get input from a health professional on which better addresses your nutritional requirements.

Differences Between Ensure and Boost Protein

Differences Between Ensure and Boost Protein

These key distinctions between the carb sources, protein content, calories, sugars, and intended use can help you choose which shake aligns better with your nutritional needs and preferences.

Carb sources
Ensure contains corn maltodextrin as its main carbohydrate source, while Boost uses sucrose and whey protein.

Protein content
Boost has significantly more protein per serving, around 14-15g, than Ensure’s 9g. Boost is better for adding extra protein.

Calorie density
Ensure shakes are lower in calories (200-350 cal per serving) than Boost (360-530 cal per serving). Ensure may be preferable if watching calories.

Added sugars
Boost contains more added sugars, while Ensure uses artificial sweeteners like sucralose to reduce sugar content.

Special diets
Ensure offers plant-based, gluten-free, and kosher varieties. Boost doesn’t have many special diet options.

Intended uses
Ensure is formulated more for basic nutrition and weight gain/maintenance. Boost focuses on higher protein for recovering patients.

While both come in chocolate, vanilla, and other flavors, Boost tends to have richer, stronger taste profiles.

On a per-serving basis, Ensure shakes are generally a little cheaper than comparable Boost shakes.

Pros and Cons of the Ensure


  • Balanced nutrition – Contains a balance of carbs, protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals. Provides well-rounded nutrition in each serving.
  • Lower in sugar – Has less sugar compared to other nutritional shakes, with about 3-10 grams per serving, depending on flavor.
  • Highly digestible – The main carbohydrate source is corn maltodextrin, which is usually well tolerated and easy to digest.
  • Veggie options available – Ensure Plant-based shakes offer non-dairy, vegan options. Good for those avoiding dairy.
  • Variety of flavors – Tastes like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, coffee, etc. More variety than some competitors.


  • Uses artificial sweeteners – Contains sucralose or acesulfame potassium depending on variety to reduce sugar content.
  • Fewer calories – Not as energy-dense as some shakes if higher caloric intake is the goal.
  • Less protein – Only about 9 grams per serving, less than shakes focused on extra protein.
  • Proprietary formulas – Exact amounts of essential vitamins and minerals are not disclosed since formulas are proprietary.
  • Processed ingredients – While nutritionally complete, ingredients are processed and not from whole foods.

Pros and Cons of the Boost


  • By increasing the nutrients in nutritional shakes, dietary demands, and nutritional objectives can be more effectively met.
  • You can modify nutrient drinks to suit your dietary requirements if you require extra vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber, or other nutrients.
  • Supplemented nutritional smoothies are a handy and effective way to receive various important nutrients in a single dose.
  • Certain substances, such as antioxidants, probiotics, or superfoods, can be added to produce certain health advantages, such as better digestion, immunological support, or increased energy.
  • By allowing for creativity and diversity in your shakes, the Boost method can help you avoid flavor boredom and keep your interest in your nutritional program.


  • Some boosters can alter the taste or texture of the nutritional shake, which may not be palatable to everyone.
  • Incorporating various boosters and high-quality supplements can increase the overall cost of your nutritional shakes.
  • Certain boosters may contain allergens or ingredients that individuals are sensitive to, potentially causing adverse reactions.
  • Over-reliance on supplements in your nutritional shakes may lead to neglecting whole-food sources of nutrition, which are often preferred for overall health.
  • Some individuals may experience digestive discomfort or gastrointestinal issues with certain boosters or supplements. Care must be taken not to exceed recommended daily doses of specific nutrients when using supplements as boosters.

Best Nutrition Shakes

Ensure Nutrition Shake With Fiber

ensure nutrition

Ensure nutritional shakes provide complete, balanced nutrition with protein, fat, carbs, vitamins, and minerals in each serving. This comprehensive formula makes it a nutritious mini-meal or snack.

The shakes support immune function thanks to high levels of antioxidants like vitamins C and E, plus zinc and selenium. This combination helps maintain your body’s defenses. Each serving also contains 27 different vitamins and minerals that help sustain energy levels while supporting muscle, heart, and bone health.

Ensure comes in great-tasting flavors like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and coffee so you can enjoy the shakes anytime. It serves well as a grab-and-go breakfast, a mid-day pick-me-up, or a post-workout recovery drink.

This shake is doctor-recommended as one of the top nutritional supplement brands. The balanced nutrition profile makes it advantageous for sustaining or improving overall health.

With its all-in-one nutritional content, immune-supporting ingredients, and delicious flavors, Ensure can fill dietary gaps as a nutritious drink option.

Boost Original Nutritional Drink

boost nutrition

BOOST Plus nutritional drinks provide complete, balanced nutrition in each 360-calorie serving. With 14g of high-quality protein in every 8oz bottle, BOOST Plus can help support an active lifestyle and maintain a healthy weight by increasing high calorie and protein intake.

It also contains 26 vitamins and minerals, which include calcium and Vitamin D for strong bones and 3g of fiber for the best digestion. It makes for a nutritious mini-meal or snack whenever you need an extra nutritional boost.

This beverage is available in mouthwatering tastes like Rich Chocolate, Very Vanilla, and Creamy Strawberry. To help meet daily nutritional needs, it can be ingested alone or in conjunction with a meal.

Celiac illness and gluten sensitivity are acceptable conditions for BOOST Plus. It is also lactose-free, making it palatable for those who are lactose intolerant (but not for those with the uncommon condition of galactosemia). When you need extra calories, protein, vitamins, and minerals, BOOST Original offers an easy way to supplement your diet thanks to its well-balanced nutrition, Boost high protein content, and outstanding flavor.

Here is a comparison chart for the given Ensure and Boost ratings:

Easy to hold4.74.7
Value for money4.24.3

This allows easy comparison of the key criteria ratings for Ensure vs. Boost nutritional shakes. Based on the provided data, both score equally well for easy to hold and have comparable flavor and texture ratings. Boost edges out Ensure slightly when it comes to value for money.


When choosing supplements like Ensure and Boost products, analyze your health goals, diet, lifestyle, and doctor recommendations to select the right option. Those focused on balanced nutrition and easy digestion may prefer Ensure’s simple formula and variety. Boost may be favorable if you require high caloric intake or extra protein for strength. Compare carb sources, protein amounts, added sugars, and ingredients like whey versus maltodextrin. Also, consider affordability, flavors, availability, and convenience. While both offer complete nutrition, small differences can make one better suited for individual needs. Try out sample packs to determine palatability as well. Discuss options with a dietitian or doctor to make an informed choice. With an array of ready-made and powdered shakes now available, there’s a supplement to fit most health and nutrition goals.

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