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Guide to Choose the Perfect Echo Chainsaw

The echo Chainsaw earns top marks for its reliable start-up system, smooth acceleration, and ability to power through tough cutting jobs with ease. Users say the tool-less chain tensioning system makes maintenance simple, while the Over-Molded Grips keep things comfortable even during extended use.

Factors to consider before buying an Echo Chainsaw

Engine Power
Echo chainsaws come with a range of engine sizes and power outputs. Consider what types of cutting jobs you’ll use the saw for and match the engine power accordingly. More power allows you to cut thicker wood or tackle difficult jobs.

Bar Length
The bar length determines the maximum thickness of wood the saw can cut. Echo offers bar lengths from 12″ up to 25″. Make sure to get a saw with adequate bar reach.

Chain Type
Echo uses both standard and low-kickback chains. Low-kickback chains are safer for novice users but may cut slightly slower. Choose the right type for your experience level.

Echo chainsaws can weigh anywhere from 8 to 15 pounds. The lighter saws are easier to use for extended periods, while heavier saws cut more aggressively. Find the right balance for your needs.

Safety Features
Look for chainsaws with chain brakes, anti-vibration, easy start systems, and padded grip areas to enhance safety and comfort.

Fuel Type
Echo offers both gas-powered and battery-powered electric chainsaws. Consider maintenance, fuel/charge capacity, and power in your decision.

Echo chainsaws range from about $150 for more basic models up to $500 for heavy-duty saws. Set a budget and find the best saw you can afford.

Types of Echo Chainsaws

Gas-Powered Chainsaws
Echo’s gasoline-powered chainsaws range from entry-level homeowner saws to rugged professional models. Gas saws offer high power and chain speeds, ideal for larger cutting jobs. Downsides can include high noise and maintenance requirements. Popular gas Echo models include the CS-490 and CS-621P.

Electric Chainsaws
Electric chainsaws from Echo run on battery power, making them more portable and lower maintenance than gas models. They are designed for lighter tasks like pruning branches. Key benefits include quiet operation, lightweight, and eco-friendliness. Top electric models include the 18V and 58V cordless saws.

Top-Handle Chainsaws
Echo’s top-handle chainsaws feature a rear-facing handle on the motor housing. This makes them easier to control in tree pruning jobs. Downsides include less power compared to rear-handle models. Good Echo top-handle options are the CS-2511T and PPT-2620.

Farm & Ranch Chainsaws
The farm and ranch chainsaws from Echo boast extra durability and power for cutting jobs on agricultural lands. They have reinforced components and superior dirty-air filtration systems. The CS-501P is Echo’s premium farm chainsaw.

Safety features of Echo Chainsaws

Chain Brake
Echo chainsaws have an automatic chain brake designed to stop the chain immediately if kickback occurs. This can prevent potential injuries.

Reduced-Kickback Bars & Chains
Multiple Echo models operate technical low-kickback bars and chains to reduce the risk and impact of kickback. This makes the saw safer for novice users.

Front Hand Guard
The front hand guard protects your left hand, and the guide bar/chain watches your hand if your hand slips off the handle. This enhances safety.

Vibration Reduction
Echo saws utilize a G-Force Engine Mount System and rubberized grips to decrease vibration significantly. This lessens fatigue and gives you better control over the saw.

Safety Throttle Latch
The safety throttle latch is an echo-exclusive design. It reduces the likelihood you’ll inadvertently engage full throttle at start-up.

Chain Catcher
Mounted near the guide bar, catchers catch a chain if breakage occurs. This prevents the chain from hitting you or bouncing.

You can select the most secure chainsaw model for your demands and peace of mind by closely examining an Echo chainsaw model for safety features like those mentioned above.

Best Echo Chainsaw

Chainsaw Echo CS 310

Chainsaw Echo CS 310


  • Power Source: Gasoline
  • Horsepower: 5.3 hp
  • Weight: 8.8 Pounds
  • Chain Length: 16 inches

The Echo chainsaw model, powered by a rugged 5.3hp gasoline engine, is built to provide reliable cutting performance for tackling medium-sized wood-cutting jobs. Weighing in at a manageable 8.8 pounds, reviewers praise the saw for its smooth acceleration and substantial power that makes quick work of logs and fallen branches up to 16 inches thick. Users like the 39.5-inch length, which allows for an extended reach without being overly bulky or unwieldy. The Echo saw earns strong marks for durability, with many reviewers reporting they’ve owned their saw for 3+ years without any decrease in performance. Between the competitive price point and reputation for reliability, this Echo chainsaw represents an attractive option for homeowners and property owners looking for a powerful all-purpose outdoor saw.

Echo Chainsaw CS 590

Echo Chainsaw CS 590


  • Power Source: Gasoline
  • Horsepower: 59.8 cc
  • Weight: 22 Pounds
  • Chain Length: 24 inches

Echo’s rugged CS-590 chainsaw is a versatile powerhouse designed to make quick work of felling trees, storm cleanup, and large-scale cutting jobs. Weighing in at a substantial 9.98kg, users note the saw has outstanding balance and control even when tackling dense hardwoods thanks to the wide stance and comfortable handles. Outfitted with a beefy 24-inch Oregon saw chain powered by a 59.8cc professional-grade 2-stroke engine, reviewers consistently praise the incredible cutting capacity that chews through logs up to 36 inches wide. While the CS-590 sits at the higher end of Echo’s chainsaw lineup pricing, many owners feel the power, reliability and smooth performance, even under heavy loads, make this saw well worth the investment for busy tree services or properties with lots of acreage.

Chainsaw Echo CS 355T

Chainsaw Echo CS 355T


  • Power Source: Gasoline
  • Horsepower: 5.3 hp
  • Weight: 8.2 Pounds
  • Chain Length: 16 inches

Echo’s mid-sized CS-355T chainsaw packs impressive cutting muscle into a compact, elegant package, according to reviews. The 16-inch bar and chain powered by a robust 5.3hp 2-stroke gasoline engine makes short work of storm debris, fallen trees or firewood prep without being overly bulky at just 8.2 pounds. Users praise the tool-less chain tensioning system that makes maintenance a breeze. The narrower 24 x 8-inch frame makes navigating tight spaces around the backyard property easy while allowing ample bar length for most tasks. With professional power and performance in a lighter saw, Echo owners happily report the CS-355T provides great value for general homeowners, cutting demands without breaking the bank when reliability and ease of use are key.

Echo Chainsaw Parts

Echo Genuine Oil Cap

Echo Genuine Oil Cap

Fitting several popular Echo models, including the CS-303T, owners report this service part screws into place while including the necessary o-ring and retainer to lock in the cap securely. This Echo oil cap assembly offers an affordable and effective OEM solution for those needing to address damaged or leaky gas caps.

Clutch Drum E-clip

Clutch Drum E-clip

Compatible with Echo models like the CS-352, CS-310, and 340S, users mention the drum, washer, e-clip and rim sprocket directly swapped out to refresh worn parts causing slippage or reduced cutting speed. All components install securely with the included hardware, while buyers highlight the sprockets feature hardy multi-notch teeth that grip bars tightly.

Brake Assembly for Echo Chainsaws

Brake Assembly for Echo Chainsaws

Compatible with robust CS-370 and CS-400 models, the assembly bolts into place to restore a functioning brake mechanism essential for stopping the chain during kickback. And since a failing brake endangers the operator and the saw’s mechanical integrity, owners praise the affordable price for providing peace of mind.

Echo 91PX62CQ Chainsaw Chain

Echo 91PX62CQ Chainsaw Chain

Echo’s 18-inch low-profile saw chain offers a direct OEM replacement solution for owners of Echo’s rugged CS-370, CS-370F, CS-400 and CS-400F chainsaw models. With 62 drive links engineered for smoother cutting action, reviewers also appreciate the 3/8″ gauge chain and streamlined depth profile that avoids excess kickback.

Durability and maintenance requirements of Echo chainsaws

Echo saws feature reinforced composite construction and sealed lubrication systems. They incorporate thick metal clutch housings, impact-resistant crankshafts, and heavy-duty air filters. Most buyers report 5+ years of rugged daily use in a professional setting without issues.

Daily Maintenance
Maintaining an Echo chainsaw daily is advised. This entails assessing the chain’s tension, cleaning and inspecting the outside and bar, and ensuring the right amount of oil is inserted. This lessens the likelihood of small issues.

Periodic Maintenance
Replacing air, oil, and fuel filters approximately every 3-6 months of regular use will keep an Echo saw delivering top performance. Key parts like spark plugs and drive sprockets wear over time and should be swapped out yearly or as needed.

Storage Practices
Always empty fuel and oil tanks and dry the engine before long-term storage to avoid gumming. Use the spike or sheath to prevent damage to the bar/chain, especially in the back of trucks.


Considerations, including intended use, power requirements, safety priorities, and budget, should all be considered when choosing the best Echo chainsaw. But Echo’s selection provides flexible choices to accommodate everything from routine yard maintenance to full-time tree care. For most homeowners, lighter-duty electric saws or mid-range gas chainsaws like the CS-490 offer plenty of power for sporadic jobs without coming with higher price tags. Rough-and-tumble ranch models like the CS-501P benefit farm owners who must clear land for mills. Professional arborists also require the 79.9cc CS-800P’s maximum power.

Frequently Asked Questions for Echo Chainsaws

How often do I need to sharpen/maintain an Echo chainsaw?

Sharpening your Echo chainsaw every other use if cutting regularly is recommended. Additionally, inspect for tension, damage, or wear. Change the chain oil regularly. Swap air/fuel filters every 3-6 months with heavy use.

What safety features do Echo chainsaws have?

In addition to chain brakes, front hand guards, reduced-kickback guide bars, vibration reduction, and other safety features, Echo chainsaws come with chain brakes.

What’s the difference between a gas and an electric Echo chainsaw?

Gas chainsaws from Echo offer more power and chain speed, making them better for heavy-duty use. Electric models trade some performance for convenience, portability, and lower maintenance.

How long should an Echo chainsaw last?

Despite frequent use, an Echo chainsaw should last 10+ years with proper care and maintenance.

Do Echo chainsaws offer good value for money?

The durability, safety assurances, steady power, and overall productivity boost of Echo saws make them worth the extra cost compared to home centre brands.

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